To be the best medicine means to provide health and well-being to all of Brazil and to every Brazilian.

Cimed believes, from the outset, that medicine has no social class. We know that every Brazilian citizen, in the city or in the country, wealthy or poor, deserves high-quality products at fair prices to take care of their health and their family’s well-being.

We rely on a unique business model that integrates the entire ecosystem, from raw materials to drugstores to enable our greater purpose: making sure that excellent medicines are available to the entire population.

A Brazil of Ten Brazils

Christ the Redeemer, the Wire Opera. The Northeastern Sertão, the Pantanal wetlands. Paraná River, Negro River. Stilt-houses, Skyscrapers. Brazil is vast and sprawling, and houses thousands of drugstores, from modern ones that look like big-city shopping malls, to tiny ones serving a few scores of customers in faraway villages. At Cimed, a team of more than 800 works each day to stop by at every one of them. To understand their needs. To understand the needs of the people who go there.  

  • Faria Lima
    São Paulo - SP Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 3.477 - 3º Andar 11 3703 1698
  • Angélica
    São Paulo - SP Av. Angélica, 2248 – 5º andar 11 3544 7350
  • Pouso Alegre
    Pouso Alegre - MG Av. Maj. Armando Rubens Storino, 2.750 35 2102 2000
  • Bela Vista
    São Sebastião da Bela Vista - MG Rod. AMG, Km 1920 - S/ Número 35 2102 7397
  • Projeto Mais
    Pouso Alegre - MG Rodovia Fernão Dias BR381 Km 848 S/ Número Bairro Ipiranga – Setor Industrial
  • Centro Adminitrativo R2M do Brasil
    Edifício Titanium Tower Av. Dr. Alvaro Severo de Miranda, 1106 Sala 1903 - Cidade Nova CEP: 99.022-032 / Passo Fundo - RS
  • Polo Fabril
    Rua Jandir Francisco Bertoti, 157, Letra D Belvedere CEP: 89.810-402 / Chapecó - SC
  • Polo Fabril
    Rod BR-459, 157, KM124 125 Galpão 03 CEP: 37.540-000 / Santa Rita do Sapucai - MG